What yoo do

Maybe hiring is taking too much time or is diverting your time away from other things you need to do?


Possibly your business feels more disorganised than usual or you have noticed that costly mistakes have started to be made?


Perhaps you worry that the company culture you created is slipping away from you, or you wish that the day to day running of the business was less reliant upon you?

Typically we work with teams of 20+, as switched-on founders find that as their business develops the fluid practices that worked so well in the early days start to disrupt the healthy functioning of the company or get in the way of scale up strategies.

However, an infusion of people expertise administered at the right time to the structure, culture and talent within the organisation can make all the difference to those businesses that forge ahead, and those who slow.

Our approach is simple and pretty much risk free.

1. Know Yoo

We spend 2 or 3 days onsite, talking to you and your team, generally getting a feel for the place before making any recommendations.

2. Guide Yoo

We agree priorities with you to maximise your oomph and plan timeframes based on your budget and appetite for delivery.

3. With Yoo

We support you and your leadership team 2-6 days per month ongoing to deliver the agreed plan.

We appreciate that you are unlikely to want or need us as full time employees, so we work freelance between 2-6 days per month on a flexible ongoing basis. No up-front fees, no nasty retainers, just a simple agreement to supply services payable upon delivery at the end of each month.

Does our message strike a chord?

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