Who are yoo

We value our portfolio way of working, so all of our team have been carefully hand-picked for their sunny disposition, blue chip experience and track record of success as directors of some of our best loved FTSE business brands, as well as their commercial flair working alongside growing enterprises.

This gives them oodles of credibility and personality, and positions them perfectly to partner with you and your team.

What also unites is our philosophy which guides our attitudes and approach. Here is just a bit of what we are about.

It’s all about you.

When you win we win too, so we really do care about you and what you do. We are on your side and our service is bespoke to you.

Five minutes with an expert beats a month with a fool.

This is about value for time. We may not be in your business every day, but we’re well practiced at what we do and we keep our eyes peeled for signs of slips, trips or falls down time consuming rabbit holes.

None of us is as strong as all of us.

You get one of us; you get all of us which is a whole community of useful contacts and characters to help you on your way.


Bite off more than you can do – then chew.

We are full of good ideas and clever strategies but we are also well used to rolling up our sleeves and just getting stuff done.


A leader is a dealer in hope.

Well said Mr Bonaparte… now which way is Russia?

Does our message strike a chord?

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